Keep your Things in the right Place




Your personal home inventory is finally here! Keeping your Things organized has never been easier, with a streamlined user interface tuned for performances and usability.


Storing information about your Things can be a real pain. InerziaThings make it easy to add name, purchase date, brand, model, serial number and a lot of other details directly from the Inspector.




Your Things exist! They're real objects and they have colors and, maybe, a particular shape. So, why would you keep them only as text? Add photos to your Things with just a drag: the eyes wants to be satisfied too.

Which version should I choose?

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Feature Lite version Complete version
Mac App Store
Complete version
Our Store
Filter your objects by Tags
Export Things to CSV or TSV
Print your inventory
Easily search by name, brand and more
Manage unlimited Places, Rooms and Things X
Manage unlimited images for each object X
Priority Updates X X
First Class Support X X
Price Free 14.99$ 14.99$

What's New?

version 3.5

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