Fully featured handling of port traffic, related invoices and in-depth analysis with powerful statistics.


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  • PHP
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  • SASS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Swift
  • C#
  • SSH

Quick Fact

Dispatch was developed specifically to match the needs of the Harbor Pilots and the Mooring Men of the Port of Savona.

We custom-built this software to not only meet but exceed our clients' needs, offering a powerful UI complete with various automations that significantly enhance daily operations.

Managing all the steps, from docking to leaving.

Dispatch seamlessly handles every aspect of maritime activity in the harbor, from ships to cruises. Adding a new event is a breeze with its streamlined interface, which only requests the essential details to deduce the rest.

From the get-go, the user interface supports drag-and-drop and is optimized for touch-enabled devices. It's designed with the imagery of a ship entering a harbor: simply drag and drop the ship to its docking pier, select options, and you're all set.

All events are neatly grouped by ship, giving you a clear, at-a-glance view of the harbor's current status. With the same ease, Dispatch organizes all events chronologically, displaying vital information like shipowner details or name changes.

Like other sections of the software, Dispatch offers robust filtering capabilities that allow you to execute both simple and complex searches. You can view all events within specific dates and times or quickly find movements performed by a specific ship by typing just a few letters of its name.

Dispatch running in Safari showing the list of movements in the port.

Data at your fingertips.

At its core, Dispatch boasts the capacity to handle a vast amount of data concerning ships, shipowners, shipping agencies, general providers, and more. Its underlying database is finely tuned for storing extensive details, with all entities intricately interconnected.

The ship records include comprehensive details such as name, IMO code, flag, type, tonnage, dimensions, and more. These records are linked to a shipowner and maintain a historical log of ownership changes. The system"s automatic inference capability simplifies the process by pre-selecting a default shipping agency and pier, making it as easy as a double-click to register a ship's arrival when default data is provided.

For shipowners and shipping agencies, Dispatch facilitates the storage of contact details including email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and nationality. Additionally, there is a dedicated section for storing personal details of agents working for shipping agencies, ensuring that sending invoices to the correct address is straightforward and error-free.

Dispatch running in Safari showing a screen which allows to edit the details of a ship.

Invoices, expenses, and automatic balances: finances in check effortlessly.

Creating a new invoice from events is now simpler than ever with Dispatch's automatic invoicing feature. Just drag and drop the relevant movements, and your invoice, complete with a customized header and footer, is ready to go. Printing to PDF or emailing the invoice is integrated seamlessly and is just a click away.

Dispatch also simplifies expense management: effortlessly log receipts and invoices, and set up recurring costs like taxes and utility bills. Organize your finances into categories and sub-categories to easily monitor your spending patterns.

By consolidating all this financial data, Dispatch automatically generates a balance sheet that presents various financial indicators, alongside a comprehensive list of revenues and expenses. Once your accounting period is closed and your balance approved, Dispatch offers the option to freeze all entries to safeguard against unintended modifications.

Dispatch running in Safari showing the invoice builder.

Data entry made effortless: meet EasyInterface.

Dispatch understands that everyone has their unique preferences for data input: whether you crave a dynamic and visually stunning UI or prefer the straightforwardness of a traditional column-based system, we've got you covered. Power users can revel in our standard interface, equipped with auto-completion and advanced options, while those who favor simplicity can turn to EasyInterface. This user-friendly option delivers the same level of automation and intelligent inference as the more complex UI but with greater ease of use. Entries made through EasyInterface aren't directly added to the system; they require administrator approval. This is where our SmartReview engine steps in, analyzing movements, automatically grouping them, and suggesting quick fixes. You can rest easy knowing that SmartReview is designed to catch and correct errors, safeguarding against mistakes that might occur when users are distracted.

Dispatch running in Safari showing the EasyInterface screen.

Powerful statistics, delivered in natural language: all before AI was a thing!

Given the vast amounts of data housed within Dispatch, integrating a robust statistics engine was a natural evolution. Dispatch brings this to life through a sleek UI that allows you to construct arbitrary queries by simply dragging and dropping sources, filters, and selectors.

Our dynamic statistics engine supports quick actions for summing up and sorting the results of your queries. Additionally, segmenting your data into groups and extracting detailed information on specific sections is as easy as a right-click.

Every query you craft can be saved for future use with just a single click, and Dispatch also remembers how you grouped your data, making your analytics work seamless and efficient.

Dispatch running in Safari showing the EasyStats UI that allows users to build custom queries.

Everything's customizable, every detail's an option.

Dispatch is designed to be dynamic and highly customizable, which is why it features over 40 specific options that let you tailor the application's behavior in any way you need.

Capable of managing an unlimited number of docks and piers, Dispatch allows you to set rate values based on tonnage ranges and create new rate sets to easily categorize your ships.

The application's automatic discount system is just as flexible: you can group ships into families for custom discounts or leverage the shipowner travels count. Dispatch also supports fixed discounts and enables you to set a maximum discount rate for all invoices, ensuring you maintain control over your pricing strategies.

Dispatch running in Safari showing the settings screen.

Take your business into the future!

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