Moving offline applications and devices to the Cloud.


  • Core
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • PostgreSQL
  • SSH
  • RealVNC
  • OpenVPN
  • Swift

Quick Fact

Meteo is a suite of interconnected apps and devices that has reliably served our client for several years.

This suite includes our client's public website, a system for syncing data from the client's computer to our cloud, and a sophisticated infrastructure designed to transition an offline-only application and device to an online platform accessible by thousands of users.

Detailed data showcased in a stunning UI.

The official Ship's Information Service website offers a comprehensive archive of real-time updates. Track incoming ships, receive official forecasts for departure times, and view live statuses of the Ports of Savona and Vado Ligure at any moment.

Meteo running in Safari showing two maps with the currently docked ships.

It's all in the Cloud

The data displayed on the website is sourced from a 3rd-party application that operates on a single computer. The InerziaSoft Cloud seamlessly synchronizes data from this application, ensuring it's accessible to anyone, anytime, even during high traffic periods. This approach exemplifies our infrastructure philosophy: if it works, don't change it—improve and expand it!

Security concerns are off the table, as the backbone of the website is our robust framework, Core. Like all our products, Core prioritizes reliability and security as its foundational principles.

Meteo running in Safari showing the home page of the website.

A comprehensive system encompassing secure authentication and robust access control.

Administrators are equipped with tools to add, edit, and remove users in real-time. The system ensures secure access to its services by automatically disabling expired accounts and enforcing strict password security rules. The administration interface is user-friendly yet packed with advanced functionalities and is fully operational on mobile devices too!

Meteo running in Safari showing the list of users.

Personalization is paramount.

As is our standard practice, we empower our customers to design their own websites. In other words, we strive to create a homepage that mirrors the customer's core ideas, not ours. On the official website of the Ship's Information Service, you'll encounter original photos and texts that enhance your connection to the experience, making it truly personalized and unique.

Meteo running in Safari showing a page to customize the home page gallery.

An offline-only device, now on the Cloud?

The primary challenge of this system was the need to display accurate meteorological data from professional Weather Stations on a website. These devices are designed to connect to only one computer at a time and do not inherently support online synchronization. Faced with this daunting challenge, our team successfully established a connection between the Weather Stations and an online operating system through a secure tunnel, enabling the display of this data on a webpage.

Meteo running in Safari showing an offline device running in our Cloud.

An environment that operates around the clock, 24/7.

The Ship's Information Service demands anytime, any-day access to their Weather Stations. The InerziaSoft Cloud delivers continuous, reliable, and secure connectivity with performance comparable to local computers. A companion app ensures smooth operation, making the system incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, we have selected high-quality open-source technologies that are industry standards, further enhancing the system's robustness and efficiency.

The Meteo app for macOS in the foreground with the offline device running in our Cloud in the background.

Access it anywhere

We've engineered the system for seamless access both through physical devices and the official website. This setup grants administrators priority access to interact directly with the Cloud operating system, while other users can view the same computer data in real-time. Compatible with any HTML5 browser, this system is accessible on virtually any device—be it smartphones, tablets, computers, or even SmartTVs.

Meteo running in multiple browsers at the same time.

Take your business into the future!

Ship's Information Savona has already taken the leap. Are you ready to join them?